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    Hi Paul55,

    Tof dat je nederlands kan! Maar we zullen vermoedelijk beter in het Engels verderschrijven, niet? 😉

    The couple things to make it complete again...

    - badge (hood)

    - steering wheel badge

    - numbers 1 & 3 (for the reflector in the back)

    - handle bar left

    - 2 head rests (without ductape 😋)

    Who can point me in the right direction please?!

    Living in Belgium... I have no problem to pay for shipping off course!

    Hallo autoscooter-leute,

    Mein name ist Kurt, 41 jahre alt (oder jüng?)

    Von Antwerpen.

    Mein Deutch ist ganz slecht (enschüldigung!), aber besser dan ihren niederlandisch, glaube ich... :P

    Just recently I became a proud owner of a Gebr. Ehli Sprint (1981).

    I still need a couple of pieces to make it better than it is at the moment.