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    Schade mein Deutsche ist nicht so gut. Ich wahrscheinlich nicht wirklich undersood Ihre Ausgabe(Problem).

    Die elektrische gezeigte Skizze ist Europapa II (R72) mit Plastikchassis, nicht derselbe wie R63.

    Sieh beigefügtes Dokument (R63 / R66)


    Sorry my german is not so good. I probably not really undersood your issue.

    The electrical sketch shown is Europa II (R72) with plastic chassis, not the same one as R63.

    See attached document

    (R63 / R66)

    Schema Electrique.jpg


    The first point is to define the kind of body you have, and so the seat that fit with this body ! Is this possible to define for which kind of chassis this body was made for ?

    Second point is to know if this seat can be clamped in your chassis and the way to install it once this will have been done the way ton install both (body modified) on your body.

    You need also to think about the pole (is the hole exist already in the body ?)

    I will think about possible future others difficulties (i hope to not find them !)

    Bis bald


    I'm not sure that the seat is the same !

    This is not a major point because the interface between seat and chassis is only done by two rod thread.

    One of my friend buy some "Space" body and install it on "Atlanta" body, seat connection was not easy !

    But in your case you don't have yet the seat ? You will buy it from DPR Frankreich ? So you can request from Isabelle Reverchon a seat to install on "Jubilé"chassis.

    Find here a list of chassis made by Reverchon (only plastic one)

    1st Chassis (white) 1968 from 1968 to 1969 (Bouquetin)
    2nd Chassis (white) 1970 from 1970 to 1974 (Europa, Europa 2 & Atlanta)
    3rd Chassis (white) 1975 from 1975 to 1985 (Atlanta,Jubilé,Prestige, Privilège & Privilège de base)
    4th Chassis (white) 1986 from 1986 to 1991 (Prélude & Space)
    5th Chassis (Black) 1992 from 1992 to 1994 (Cobra )
    6th Chassis (Black) 1995 from 1995 to 1999 (Cobra II & Furyo)

    This only if car have been bought "complete" and not only a body adapted on different "and older" chassis !


    I'm not surprised with this answer from Isabelle, I knew that 2 kinds of body were available...wrong for your project ;-(

    From my point of view It could be possible to add 10mm of fiber at the bottom of the body to adjust this body to old Chassis...I've already repaired some body (close to 8 mm)

    If you cut the body from the inside (chanfer) and fill this area cut with fiber this assembly could be strong enough ...and your project will start over !

    You need to have Isabelle confirmation, but i think the only difference between those 2 kind of body is (10 mm more on the bottom), as the wheel rim and Tire are the same from Atlanta and Alma (An before Atlanta)

    Did you compare 2 bodies (I-CAR and Jubilé) put in contact two bottom of see if with 10 mm height of fiber you could have the same footpath ?

    Hope you will find a solution !

    Bis Bald

    Yes, something is missing...

    Simple way is to add a square part of steel to receive to pole...

    Find bellow picture of the original part from Reverchon with the spring

    Rep 8 is installed inside the chassis
    Rep 2 (plat)installed outside of the chassis

    This part can be easely realized

    Instead of the Spring part 9, you can weld a steel square (size according to pole), this kind of sytem run preferctly !

    (Image JPEG, 299 × 168 pixels).jpg


    Let's take all the points one by one !

    1. I said to you that i think the "I-car" karrosserie could not high enough...this is because on your Chassis the area of contact is bellow the wheel rim (Felge) i'm not sure of that you need to check !

    2. You said to me that the Karroserie is to big to be correctly insert in this area of contact inside the wheel rim. I'm not surprised ! your Chassis is from 1981 and your Karrosserie from 2010 you need to adapte them. You will have to do a chanfer in the bottom of the i-car Karroserie (external side) 1 to 5 mm where you actually have contact. You will probably have to cut this inside part close to the wheel, or close to the pedale.

    Once the Karroserie will be in place you will not this this need to adjust so cut step by step... i've already add this problem !

    3. Lenksäule

    (Do this for both column)

    First of all remove the ritzel (Gear), replace the nuts on it , slowly hit the nut (it is better to use Bronze) once the Achse Lenksäule will be removed from the Column you can check dimension on your chassis.(You can check bearing and add grease !)

    The new Lenkrad from Reverchon is clamped by 3 M8 srews (CHC (or btr) head, instead of type H classic) it is better to install CHC srew it will be easy to install the lenkrad. 3 screws M8 at same position for Both I-car and Privileg.

    Now you can install the Achse Lenksäule from Europa in the Column from Privileg. Before adding the gear, install this new assembly on you body.

    Install also the screw in the Achse Lenksäule, and check the distance between screw and Karroserie (close to 10 mm).

    You're right, it will be better ;-)

    On cars before "Prelude " Modell 1986 chassis was 10 mm below thetop of wheel rim (Felge), on neu chassis this gap is lower...

    In this case "i-car" body made for car before 1986 are "quite" longer to be set at the same level (If you compare to the the wheel rim), when you insatll the seat on old chassis if the body is too short a gap between the body and the seat can be shown...

    Your Friend knows is job ! I hope the Alma he bought have same kind of Chip automate as Furyo automate type 110 v "ejection". It is possible that in Germany nobody use 24 V as ejection (more than 80 % in Frankreich)

    A lot of data :

    1. Lenkrad

    You have a Europa one (For Aluminum block) ! (I'm looking for it on my Europa II), and Privilege one (for direct plastic block)

    Once inserted in the car (gear side) both will not be usable, Europa one will be to short ? i think !

    The Europa one use connection with the lenkrad M6 (I see 6 holes some of them could be M8 ? ) and the Privilege M8

    You will have to mixt (melchen) those columns

    Part 2 from "Europa"
    Part 13 from "Privilege"


    2. Axle

    It is better to use the one not welded (from 2 old parts) ! Not add to much grease when you will install new wheels, don't apply to much torquelet the car run and after that only apply greater torque on nuts

    3. Cable

    My advice is to use brand new one, i can provide you Electrical sketch (According to your main contactor "Pertercem") Is this one ok or you will have to change it ?

    I'm quite surprised !

    For me if Ejection is in 110V and the kasse control send 24 V, the chipautomate will not have enough power to eject the Token

    If you send 110 V in 24 V you will destroy the Auswerferspule

    On this it is written 24 V.

    Part 12 exist in 80 V or 24 V


    I hope my question is stupide but ...

    Is your I-car body made for (Space / Cobra / Furyo / Alma) or (Atlanta / Jubilé / Prestige / Atlanta ) ? There is 2 kind of body (Bpdy from old car adaptation is slighly higger than for neu wagen)

    For the same reason the seat are differents according to the chassis

    Für Alte wagen


    Für Neue wagen



    Is this I-car body installed on "Privilege" Chassis ?

    About the chip Automate on the picture this is not mine, but a friend which i fixed some parts. On Reverchon you've got 5 type of token (1,2 & 3) Adult's car and (4 & 5) Für Kinder (Minos)

    If i find one French Second hand web site i will contact you, Cost close to € 100 / €150 for a second hand.

    Here is some old model (1984) not easy to modify (6 for € 350 Reverchon n°3)…ches/946913240.htm?ca=7_s

    Small Ø and fat :3
    Middle Ø and middle Thickness : 2
    Big Ø and flat : 1

    Bigger Ø and flat : 5
    I don't know about n°4

    For my point of view Reverchon Chip Automate as it is small is better : less modification on the car

    If you look at the chassis (Model "Karma") below you can check the distance between the axel ( Achse Lenksäule) and the column (Lenksäule) bigger than a Jubilé one