C. and S. srl is a limited liability company formed in November 1993 by a team of former workmates, all with a significant experience in the amusement business.

Starting with the production of few models of bumper cars C. and S. has steadily widened its range of products and its presence on the market. Today C. and S. offers 5 models for adults, 3 medium-size, or Midi, models and 4 little models for children. Still at top of C. and S. sales are Fuoco and Brio, equipped with shock-absorbing chassy, a feature so far offered uniquely by C. and S.

Together with bumper cars C. and S. designs, produces and installs complete tracks for indoor use, please read relevant pages for more details.

Sales and production of bumper cars track were particularly good in 2006 and first half of 2007, with several installations completed in Russia, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E., Bahrain and Lebanon. More projects are in the pipeline for Iran, UK and Italy.

A major project carried out in year 2000 was the construction of two big trains on rail for one of the largest amusement park in Italy, Gardaland. Two engines, two coaches adapted to load wheelchairs and ten regular coaches are since then I operation on the 1 km long track called Gardaland Express.

In Spring 2006 a family attraction called “Las Llamas” was delivered to Parque Isla Magica in Seville, Spain. Las Llamas features 8 electrically powered fibreglass Llamas, in real-life size, each one able to carry on its saddle 1 adult and 1 children along a 150 m rail. This family ride proved very successful carrying more than 170.000 passengers in 2006 season only.

C. and S. srl is member of I.A.A.P.A. International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions.